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February 13, 2013


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Yup. We got the sauce in our order. Delicious! And I believe it's a new core drink and not just a promotional limited time offering.


Those pastries have already been in stores for a little while now. Tribute info is correct, wish they were also making Tribute Verisimo pods!


All correct. Hazelnut Macchiato will be core. Recipe change for the chocolate chunk and oatmeal raisin cookies. New cake pop too, just straight-up chocolate.

Also, La Boulange will launch in the Chicagoland/Wisconsin markets in mid to late August. All pastry items will be new.


Hazelnut Macchiato - sounds like another patented Sugar Special to me!


Also, the other new drink coming out with the Hazelnut Macchiato is a peach green tea and peach green tea lemonaid. The peach syrup arrives last week with the Hazelnut drizzle and it a nice subtle taste. Both drinks are really tasty and I am excited Starbucks continues to create new drinks.


Jason- I think those new tea options must only be in test areas cause they are not coming to Chicago stores.

Taylor Maria

Walked into my neighborhood Starbucks in Chicago today (Montrose and Paulina in the Ravenswood neighborhood), and we have the Hazelnut Macchiato! Thanks for the heads up on this one!

liberated misto

Soooo excited for the hazelnut macchiato! h is my fav, and i've been waiting for something new for ages :)


Is the coconut mocha frap coming back this summer? Thanks.

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