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February 03, 2013


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Haven't seen anything like this in the us


This happened in Ohio since 2008 but only now is starting to slowly reverse. I believe the average d.m. has 13 stores.


The DM role always was on the margin. As with most middle management roles, a DM can't directly impact CC... they only manage those that do. When the total cost of a DM is easily over $100k (salary + benefits + expenses), you should probably have more 6-8 stores to oversee.

Great DMs are a rare find and worth holding onto. Unfortunately, the sloppy ones give the rest a bad name and a lot of extra work.


I think this would be great if they did this across the US. However, I would rather see them eliminate more RD's than DMs. They really don't have a meaningful purpose.

Grande Latte

The Chicago market could use a good cleansing. One DM in particular still has his job only because he used to work for the RVP at Macy's. The DM is totally out of place in his downtown district. His English language skills are about as bad as his tact and his people skills. On top of that, the RD for Chicago is just about the only holdover from ten years ago. I guess nobody has been around long enough to realize what a twit he is.

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