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February 20, 2013


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We had those for a while. Our tips didn't increase by any measurable amount and eventually our DM made us take them down because it's "against company policy" and use an unmarked jar instead.

Starbucks Gossip webmaster

"Against company policy"" -- tell that to about every Starbucks in the Chicago area that has marked tip jars.


It is against policy I had then taken down at my store.


We do it at my store and yes, it gets results.


One of my old stores did a "Bush vs Obama" a few years back. It was interesting to see how the two compared. But the previous posts are correct. It is against Starbucks policy. The tip jars must be unmarked.


We aren't allowed to mark our tip boxes in any way. I put our coffee stickers on one and it was thrown away and replaced with an un-stickered one. It's against company policy.


It is against policy to have it marked "tips". Why on earth can't people read....


You're correct: it's against company policy for the cube to have anything with the word "Tips" on it. But nothing in there about coffee-passport stickers, or "Horse" vs. "Cow", or "Raiders" vs "49ers."

I mean, not yet. Not until SBUX-lawyers get involved.


we did it for Hatfields and McCoys and our DM made us take it down as well.

Mr. Who

The actual policy is in the Store Operations Manual, and it states clearly that a "tip jar" in a store must be a clear, unmarked plexi cube. Period. Nothing about stickers, specific words, etc., just that they must be unmarked.


So.....if it gets marked with say....a dollar in it...then you must take it down?

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