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February 09, 2013


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I know in my region we are limited in the number we can order per day. Some days it's as little as 2 per day and some days we can order 10. Some stores in my immediate area don't sell enough breakfast sandwiches per day to qualify as a store that can carry the veggie artisan. (Even seemingly busy stores may have a different product mix)

Another possibility is that the store manager of that location has made a choice not to carry it either due to low demand or inconsistent availability.

My advice would be to reach out to that store manager personally and ask them. Sometimes baristas don't have all the info behind what's going on with inventory.


Just as Anon said sometimes our ordering system will not allow us to order more than 2 at a time. I try to order the maximum it will allow each order because I do have several customers that ask for it daily. Sadly though with only two coming in daily people leave disappointed when we're sold out so early.


Lots of disappointed confused customers. On those days where we're arbitrarily limited to 2 veggies a day, they're usually gone by 6am and we have an entire day to look forward to of customers asking why we're out again. How hard could it possibly be to provide some consistency on the availability of a sandwich consisting of egg product and some cheese?


one of our only vegetarian options too. it like our spinach and feta, are usually gone by 10am


So, the question is: who sets the rule of 2 per day?

Barista Ben

Kaki there's no small limit to spinach feta. That's just not ordering enough.


Its not like its a super fresh food item. It does not make sense that you can not walk in any time of the day and order one. I don't understand that at all.


The 2 per day limit is set by some higher power just above the scope of the CSR for each region. I once tried to explain to my CSR that we needed more than 2 per day and she informed me that I could get more... if I called her EVERY DAY before placing the order in our inventory system - except Saturday and Sunday of course, because those were her days off. The shortage is the result of a flaw in the (otherwise pretty amazing) IMS system. It's not a popular item therefore IMS registers it as a "markout opportunity," so the system automatically caps it at 2 or 4 or 10 per day. However, with breakfast sandwiches (and any other 2-day shelf life pastry) in order to be proactive, you must order twice the amount you'll sell in a day. This is where the flaw is. The system doesn't take into account shelf life. And if you're coming in on a Monday for you Veggie Artisan... well, our CSR was off on Saturday.

Yah, I'm a Baristaa

Unfortunately, due to the La Boulange merge, many Starbucks in Northern California are changing all of their pastry items to La Boulange, and for some reason, THOSE stores have discontinued the Veggie Artisan Sandwich, as well as the Chicken Wrap. I was greatly disappointed with the news as I would buy one myself almost everyday. It was my favorite item, and on of the only breakfast items I like. The only other one I somewhat like is the Chicken Sausage Wrap which is unfortunately going away too. This is only in some northern California stores right now, but I was told that Starbucks was planning to expand the La Boulange pastries across the country, which means no more veggie for good. Then I'll be truly sad.

Mike Weimer

It is worse than that. Starbucks has decided that "tier 3 stores" (smaller stores) CAN'T carry the veggie artisan sandwich. Customer service in Seattle has received complaints about this stupid decision by some high official in Seattle but little has been done! I have even heard customers ask "What does Starbucks have against vegitarians?" asked by some customers. I love this sandwich and have changed the store I visit as the one I like the best is NOT ALLOWED to carry the veggie sandwich!


In silver Lake (Los Angeles) I was told that due to Boulange the veggie artisan has been cancelled. Silver lake is a very Veggie friendly town so it's been particularly troublesome to customers. I've tried at other stores in the area and they've simply been "out of stock." But none of them were normally out of stock this early in the morning. There's always been some difficulty with the Veggies availability but its gotten much worse of late. I just found a Toluca Lake store that hasn't switched over to Boulange yet and they still have it. I've run into some customers who've all come here from their own locations just to get it. The manager did say that there is a strange quota when it comes to the veggie that doesn't apply to other sandwiches. Some stores are only allowed 2. Some only 10. But generally not enough to fill demand. He also called around the neighboring stores and asked them if Boulange has caused the veggie to disappear and they said no....they still carried it. I'm not sure if the Silver Lake store just got the word quicker or if they got the wrong word. But other customers in this store said that their home store isn't carrying them anymore due to te Boulange integration. Starbucks.... If you're listening.... The veggie is an amazingly tasty and simple sandwich. Other customers.... Say something to the managers because they report feedback. If enough people complain then I can see something getting done. Most people I talk to at the stores are surprised to hear negative feedback about the new line.... And yet I hear tons of negative feedback as a customer. Obviously we need to be more vocal.

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