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March 03, 2013


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As a fellow Barista I sure hope it's a trend, we have several people who sit in our store for hours and hours a day sitting on their computers and charging their phones and never purchase anything, we aren't allowed to say anything because they aren't causing trouble to fellow customers however Starbucks is a coffee shop running to make money, not to support these peoples electricity needs, this is not a campground. Good riddance.


We have few outlets, and soooo many "customers" complain about the lack of them. If you dare to suggest they bring a back up battery or charge it before they leave home, you get the stinkeye of death in return.

You get the same stinkeye to the nth if there's wifi issues.

Fox in a Hole

Macs like the one in the photo have magnetic power cords anyway. The worst he would have done is knock it out of the port on the computer, and then sheepishly pick it off the ground and offer it back to the annoyed hipster glaring smugly away at him.

Of course, that doesn't change the fact he's 100% right.

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