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March 05, 2013


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Jeff Tom

The drink is.... OK. Had it made with whole milk so it would have some texture to it. The combo on the mocha and hazelnut smells AWESOME, but the taste does not live up to the smell. Too.... thin of a drink. Was anticipating something a little "thicker" like the caramel macchiato, but the mocha/syrup does not have it.

Would suggest adding a little whip on top.

Not a bad drink, just not a winner.


it's alright, that's what I'll say. Certainly not bad, but nothing I'll get on a regular basis. It is beautiful to look at though in a personal cup


Try it French vanilla style, much better.


...mocha? It's made exactly the same as the Caramel Macchiato except with hazelnut drizzle instead of caramel.

I liked it, but not enough to ever order it. I'm not a fan of layered drinks.


Can't wait to see a "new" drink next year -- "Vanilla Macchiato" i.e. a vanilla latte with 'Vanilla drizzle'

Barista Ben

French Vanilla style? Thats not a real thing - which variation of "french vanilla" are you talking about?


Tried the Hazelnut frappuccino last night and loved it. Interesting how these are all drinks made before, the only difference is the drizzle. Love how they are inventing "new" drinks with recipes used for years.

Coffee Soldier

I find it interesting that on the portal the "Did you know," heading of the week says something like, "first addition to machiatto family in 16 years...did someone forget the marble mocha machiatto drink? We still have customers who ask for that one.

Coffee Soldier

oops added an extra T in both those...sorry guys!


Something I found unique is that on the partner portal.. it claims that this the first addition to the macchiato line in 16yrs. But i've worked at sbux for 6yrs in and in that time we've had the marble mocha macchiato, maple macchiato, and the honey macchiato


Tried an iced Hazelnut Macchiato today. It was good, but honestly, it was basically identical to a Caramel Macchiato. The only hazelnut is in the drizzle, so it's subtle. If you'd given me one of each, I doubt I could have told them apart.

And I think it's pretty silly to claim it's a "new" drink, when it's just a minor variation on what's been available for years. If you're going to give us something new, then give us something NEW.


I've tried it hot and iced and like it. It's a lot better than most of the new drinks Starbucks has introduced in recent years.

And thanks to the person who reminded me of the marble mocha macchiato. I loved that back in the day.


I LOVE the flavor of the hazelnut drizzle--I just wish it was a sauce (like white mocha) instead of just a topping, so it could be used as a base.

And @LadyKathryn--after the grotesque-ness that is Vanilla Spice, they probably decided they NEEDED to go with something that just tweaks a favorite instead of going balls-out. ;)


@Martha - Haha, that's a good point. I tried the Vanilla Spice when it came out, and I didn't like it at all. Was that the common opinion? I haven't heard much about it after the release.


^ I was soooo excited for Vanilla Spice Latte (im a customer) and when I tried it, I was severely disappointed. Common opinion is you either loved it or hated it. Just terribly mediciney, for me at least. Live and learn, I guess.


I've been saying the same thing as Time Magazine for *most* of the past ten years' worth of new drinks. Usually all a "new" drink is is just a slightly reformatted syrup, or even less (remember the mocha cappuccino?)

However, there have been a few new products that were truly innovative, such as the Refresher.


If you can order a caramel sauce latte, then you can order a hazelnut sauce latte. (And you should, it's better than the HM.)

Personally, my new usual is coffee with hazelnut sauce and a little cream. It's fantastic.


Wait we are supposed to be making this with vanilla? Woops. What goes in the frappuccino? No wonder everyone liked the ones I made so much ^_^


I tried the hazelnut macchiato in a frappuccino version, it is really good, the drizzle and whipped cream is the best part of the drink. :D


Its awesome, my favorite drink i order it every time I go iced or hot... Ask for it with an extra shot of espresso, the flavor is so much better.

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