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March 10, 2013


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Huh. Ours are delivered daily and never frozen as far as I know. That might change when we get LaBoulange but for right now, they're just refrigerated.


Ours are delivered everyday, but never last past morning peak. They're pretty fresh.

Oh and hey, KDH! :)

Barista Ben

Frozen stores have them..well.. frozen. Fresh stores, like yours KDH, they are the same food items they just dethaw on the truck ride to your store!


these look so gross.
why am i always so shocked people actually buy them?!


Ah, ok. I don't know what goes on in those trucks. Our driver is always so cranky and busy telling us about how bad his life is and threatening to quit his job that we don't talk to him about anything else.

Cinnamonnnn what's up? Fancy meeting you here!


the pictured sandwich is never frozen, they're referring to the breakfast sandwiches.

Georgia Latte

Lunch sandwiches are not frozen in ANY type of market - this story isn't true. Breakfast sandwiches are, but not the lunch ones.

Starbucks Gossip webmaster

I've replaced the Egg Salad sandwich photo with the breakfast sandwich photo you now see.


"Lunch sandwiches are not frozen in ANY type of market - this story isn't true. Breakfast sandwiches are, but not the lunch ones."



The sandwiches at my store are never frozen (maybe at the warehouse) but I don't work in a frozen market. It may be different in remote markets.


We don't have a freezer, so I assumed all of the breakfast sandwiches and wraps were defrosted at the distribution place.


I confirmed with my SM that our sandwiches are never frozen. She's been around 10+ years.


Being in a frozen market, as opposed to fresh market, everything came frozen. Pastries and breakfast sandwiches.
We did not carry lunch sandwiches. We stored all of these items in our freezer. We let them thaw overnight.


Some remote markets that are 100% frozen and do not receive any fresh lunch items did at one time receive frozen panini sandwiches (tuna, roasted veggie). I'm not sure if they still do or if they are phasing them out in preparation for La Boulange.


I think they do some of the paninis now in frozen markets?

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