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March 08, 2013


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Or we could just not ask. It's annoying.


Asking for names is by far the exception rather than the rule in metro Detroit, even at busy stores. :shrug:

just saying

If she frequents 5 or 6 shops, I'm surprised they don't 'know her' and know she doesn't want to do the name thing -- we don't have many in each store, so the few we do stick out.
They shouldn't press her, but just give her a coffee name instead. Or she could just as easily have a fake starbucks name without anyone being the wiser...unless they looked at her debit card.

Daniel Rappaport

Just say Dick, if you are a guy, and Jane if you are a girl?

Coffee Soldier

We just politely say, "oh, ok, you'll be the smiley face then today!


This should be a non issue. Starbucks policy is that if a customer doesn't want to give a name, then you don't ask again and you don't put a name on the cup. That's the bottom line, and that's policy.


this is just dumb... getting a name isn't just for "connection" its to make sure someone doesn't take your drink and that you don't take someone elses... i wonder how many tall nonfat no foam latte one store makes in a day? in an hour? give them a number ..give them a letter...stop whining


"Name please"


"Sir, you don't have to be insulting."

"My name is Asshole"

"Where did that come form?"

"My Mom."


Whether or not it's ridiculous/annoying/whatever to be asked to give your name for your cup, it's not like you're asked for ID. GIVE ANY NAME. It's just so you get your correct drink! It's not like you're being asked for your home address or anything.


I just give my initials, because my name is different and it saves repeating it 5 times. I've noticed, I'm asked for my name more at Peet's than Starbucks.


It is a big deal to some people, because it's one more place where you're being asked for details that aren't necessary just to go about your day. Like being asked your zip code or phone number when you're at the register of a store. It's not required information, it's just the store trying to track its own business. It's not information other customers in line need to hear either. You never know who's in line behind you.

Here's a thought - how about a numbering system? "You're order #134. Have a nice day." It's done that way millions of other places, and accomplishes the same task = matching the customer to their drink.

Old guy

An easty solution is to have the cash register reciepts with 3 digit numbers in ascending order. Lots of establishments use this system.Just like standing at the deli counter..41...41...instead of Bueller....Bueller.


I doubt Starbucks would ever go to a numbering system. It's too impersonal.

Joe Clark

What name do you give them?

“Marfa,” obviously.

boogy man

Did you notice that the lady that wrote the internet article had no problem putting her name on it along with links to her bio and e-mail.


I always ask for "a name" rather than "YOUR name" ... not that anyone notices. If someone doesn't want to give one, I just put down a celebrity or character; people usually like that. We have one fellow who has always given his name as Fred Flinstone.

just saying

i will also say: what is your name today?
to give them an option for creativity.


Yeah, the sole comment on Marjorie's whiny blog pointed out that she didn't have a problem posting her name to the blog. So there's that.

I have a running joke with customers who don't want to give a name: we just pick a celebrity, and I tell them to keep an ear out for that. Also, an AM Regular and I keep up a long list of woman historical figures, for our enjoyment as much as annoying the guy she works with, who has no clue to the majority of women in history.


Does no one else feel like they're more connected to their community from knowing everyone's name? I almost feel like I'm in a small town where most people know each other.

Then you go home on transit and never say a word to anyone you cross, or even look them in the eye.


I've always been vaguely annoyed at the "your name" gambit, but have never said anything, since clearly the baristas are just helplessly following company policy.

But now I think I may just have some fun with it. Name? Marfa

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