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April 24, 2013


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price per calorie ratio is way up -- cost more, but less food. taste is arguable. I'd stick with breakfast sandwiches.


The La Boulange selections have been on sale here in Silicon Valley area stores for a few months now. I was initially looking forward to it, but rather disappointing in the taste of everything I have tried. The selections are more expensive than the equivalent of what was previously offered (and smaller). So I actually have been visiting Starbucks stores located within local Targets. The Target based Starbucks stores here have kept (a limited selection) of the old pastry offerings. I am suspecting a few other people are doing the same. As a bonus, these Target Starbucks stores also tend to be less crowded, so I can be in and out of there faster in the mornings. Local Target stores have also been offering free WiFi here too now. You would think that Starbucks would have tweaked the La Boulange offerings based on customer feedback, but I have not seen a change.


Lines are longer since LB at sbux supposed to be heated, had to grab an unheated croissant from Berkeley store, it was pretty awful. All pastries are better heated, based on the quality though it ain't near as good as the original LB.


Preferred the previous pastries and I don't necessarily want all my pastries heated. Disappointed.


Like I really needed my commute coffee stop delayed further by having to wait for everyone in front of me getting heated pastries. If I was interested in spending that much time at a coffee house and wanted a "fresh" (note; LB pastries are frozen for delivery according to Sbux FAQ) baked pastry, I'd stop at a much better local French bakery and have a seat. My money will be seeing someone else's pocket shortly.


I've tried a few different pastries and none of them have been particularly enjoyable. The first was the raspberry passion fruit loaf, a co-worker asked if I wanted it because she thought it was gross. I tried a bite and agreed there was a strange flavor that was off-putting. I later ordered a spinach croissant and found that also off-putting. The pastry itself was chewy and dense...and the spinach in the middle was thick and gooey and just not good. It also had an odd, too sweet flavor. Today I ordered a plain croissant, after a friend had told me the croissants were bad and I thought, "how can you screw up a croissant?" It was heavy and chewy and not at all flaky. All in all I'm disappointed and so far several people I know also have been disappointed. I imagine the freezing has a lot to do with it. I get the idea, but it's too bad. I'm definitely done experimenting and just won't be ordering pastries.


Not impressed. Tastes cheap and not fresh. The old stuff was way better.


Tried the coffee cake and chocolate chip cookie, they taste like they came from a box and you pay more. Definitely not worth it!

TF in Portland

I was looking forward to trying these pastries, but am totally underwhelmed overall. Taste is mediocre, at best, and appearance-wise, they look like something you'd get out of a plastic wrapper at a convenience store. I'll be changing stores to one that still has the 'old' pastries. Definitely a step in the wrong direction, Starbucks!


Not impressed, Starbucks! The bakery is not appealing looking and the hot "microwaved" to serve faux-fresh has a steamy microwaved taste! Thumbs down.. Bring back the old stuff! :)

chris knecht

La Boulange made it to central WA this week; honestly, the pastries are quite BAD and made even worse by microwaving. YUCK! They remind me of airline food & frankly, the french-sounding name (some querky version of "Boulangerie") does a disservice to real gastronomy & real pastry ("Patisserie"). I'd advise Starbucks to not renew that contract when it ends...As far as everyone else is concerned: Save your money & just have a coffee!!


The crummy little overpriced pastries suck.
Bring back the old. Is there a boycott going on?
Starbucks may warmly welcome LaGulosh Bakery on their doors, but their warmed over pastries are not warmly welcomed, more like tossed to the warm uptrash can.
Starbucks doing for pastries what it did for coffee? Ha ha ha hahaha!


I don't like the new stuff at all!! More expensive and smaller portions... Reallly!! Please bring back the old stuff.

Susan Bennett

I have decided to boycott Starbucks since they no longer sell the old pasteries and the new ones suck. Told the manager of my local Starbucks what i thought and he told me the new menu was being well received - really? Their coffee is no better than other drive through coffee places, but I loved the pumpkin scones and Portland coffee cake. Wish I could find another coffee shop that sold these. I am cutting up my gold card! I even complained to the corporation, and all they said was they were sorry and nothing else.

DP Seattle

It used to make me happy to buy my morning bun every day. Now they don't taste so good, cost a lot more, and take a lot longer, and I leave unhappy. So, I don't go anymore. It looks like the stuff you can get at an airport at 10:30 pm. I'll come back when they get the old stuff back.


the LB croissants taste alright I guess, definitely better than their old pastries which were quite like walmart bread, but everything LB seems to be tiny, I can finish most of them in 2 bites while my coffee is still full. Since the price is premium, but the taste is still arguably microwaved, I deserve to get a bigger piece, like 50% more at least. I will have stick with my bagel and cream cheese, the most cost effective. (Honestly, that generic panera bread assiago bagel tastes better than anything sbux offers, LB included)


I won't buy any more La Boulange pastries because the pastries are too small, too greasy, weird texture, and too expensive. Not worth it.

Mark Poloneck

I'm a big Starbucks customer and fan but I have to say these new pastries just don't do it for me. I've tried several and while they somewhat taste like the old ones I feel like I'm eating a twinkie out of a box. The display cases now look very empty and non-inviting. I'm sorry to see Starbucks make such a mistake. The old pastries were great, looked good, and the cases full and inviting. I now take my own pastries with me when I go for coffee.


Tried a them for the first time today.. expensive and terrible! Where is my old pumpkin bread!!!!!!!


I first saw the new pink paper baggies today when my manager came to work with her coffee and lemon cake. She offered a piece of cake and one word sums it up: DISGUSTING.

Later in the day I went to get my drink and decided to try the Pumpkin Cream Cheese loaf. Probably 1/20th of an ounce of cream cheese and of the type of cream cheese that DOESN'T taste at all like cream cheese. Or maybe there's just not enough in there to give it even a hint of cream cheese.

I wonder if they did any market research about this change??? If they did, they should sue the researcher. Just plain gross tasting stuff!

Definately won't be going back as much for my afternoon treat.


I completely agree with everyone who dislikes the new 'La Boulange'! (And it's 'boulangerie', not 'boulange', which isn't even a French word!) The pastries are disgusting, and what's with the cheap pink silk flowers on every table? I said to my husband "These flowers look like wedding centerpieces gone wrong!" His reply? "No, they look like cafeteria centerpieces gone wrong..a PRISON cafeteria!" Wish I could post the pics I took.

But this takes the cake, written directly on the Starbucks pastry bag:
"We have ovens in so many locations, but for those that don't, you'll just have to pretend the butter is melting!"

WHAT?!? Are they serious? Someone in their marketing department needs to be fired. Immediately. PRETEND the butter is melting?? I just...there are no words for this travesty.

I did ask my husband, "Do you think it's all a joke? Or do you think they're pulling some stunt like New Coke?"

So sad...


We just got the new pastries in Phoenix, and they are horrible. Not to even mention the pink. Basically Starbucks has now morphed into a donut shop. Obviously whoever designed this has not been to France, where such pastries are flaky and buttery with real butter. These are so heavy and tasteless it makes me wonder what kind of fat is in there. I've not only stopped eating the pastries, but with K-cups at home (most of the ones I like are not Starbucks), I have mostly stopped going to Starbucks at all.

Thanks for the Target tip. Maybe I can find my old cheese danish there. And the pumpkin and maple scones.


Yesterday morning I experienced the new LB pastries offer at Starbucks. I will not again. The old cheese Danish and blue berry muffin where my favorites. After yesterday's heavy, thick and chewy, small little rectangle thing I won't be back. The lady pulled out the rectangle sealed in cellophane and was preparing to rip it open and nuke ( microwave) it. I asked her to not warm it, i prefer it room temp or chilled. She slipped the rectangle with sealed in cellophane a pink pastry envelope and handed it to me. I was floored. I stared at it all the way to my car. I took my coffee lid off, ripped the cellphone off the supposed cheese Danish and bit, gnawed my way through the thick heavy. Then put it in the trash. I could have bought a whole box of these non fresh, pre packaged cookie cutter rectangles at a convenience store. The eat by date on the cellophane was Dec 2014. Not impressed and will show it by purchasing no more.

Bill B

Not only are the new pastries small, and expensive they taste horrible. Mix the pink and green color scheme together and that basically what the pastries taste like..

Really dumb idea.

Jim Ferrus

Experienced LB in Phoenix. Who came up with this idea?? What guy wants to have coffee in place with foo-foo food and pretty little pink things. This is a BIG MISTAKE. Howard worries about LB changing the aroma in the stores. He should also worry about changing the visual image to pink, frenchy hoity-toidy ladies parlor.

And the pastry case looks empty with the little offerings propped up on palettes.

C'mon Starbucks, abandon this disaster!


Have tried some of the new pastries in Los Angeles. Based on what I had read in the paper about the changes, I did not expect to be so disappointed. The iced lemon pound cake was one of my favorites and now it is a loaf without icing. Contrary to the claim that it was going to be moister in the form of a loaf, it is now drier and less flavorful. I understand that it takes time to get used to new products, but it's pretty clear that the quality of these new products isn't nearly as good as the old ones.


I went through the Starbucks drive thru with my two boys. They wanted a cookie. We usually get one cookie and split it into thirds. I ordered and didn't realize they had changed. I was handed this miniature hot mess and had to order another just so the two kids felt like they actually got a treat. I had to ask the barista for extra napkins for their greasy and I mean GREASY! hands. NO MORE Starbucks cookies in my car. YUCK! On the bright side, I won't waste calories on a third of a cookie.


I went in during my lunch break today and as usual hoping to get my favorite brownie, and it was no longer there! So I tried the new molten cake and did not want it warmed as I usually save my treats for my 4 pm pick me up. The la frou frou stuff was not comparable! Kind of tasted like wet powdered sugar. I'm not sure what I will do now. What is the point of going there. They dont even have my other favorites, blueberry muffin and lemon pound cake! They looked stupid and chewy and greasy. II will ju buy some VIAs and just quit going there and save some of my money.


Dreadful. Awful. Horrendous. My pumpkin bread is gone [remanufactured?]. The sandwich breads cause a heretofore unknown GERD. I am officially done.


The barista at the 6814 store told me that heating up pastries is now standard prodcedure. I think this is a big mistake. Who wants a hot doughnut in Los Angeles in August at 2 in the afternoon?


So disappointed. Loved the scones but the new ones are gross. And please stop warming everything up. If I want it warm i will say so.

Carol Shor Harrison

The new pastries are virtually tasteless. I loved the reduced fat cinnamon swirl coffee cake, but was willing to try other things. These new items are lacking texture, other than a fine crumb, have no substance, and as for warming them...who asked you to? I don't need/want them warmed. Please check to see that the people who recommended this change don't have stock in other companies.


Please bring back the old pastries! As long as they continue with the croissant that needs a magnifying glass to find it in my hands... they wont be getting my money!!!

Give me the old doe back and I will gladly give you mine!!! Until then... bye bye Starbucks!!!

Richard Olson

Sampled what I thought was going to be an outrageous oatmeal cookie at the East Marginal Seattle Starbucks, turned out to be a small rectangular overpriced door stop worthy mess that must have been microwaved 6 or 7 times. No more La Garbage for me! What an awful switch. Bring back the old scones and bakery items. Starbucks screwed up big time!

pattty oluwa

LOVE THEIR PASTRIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I absolutely HATE the new food line. Doughnuts -- gross, flavorless, chewy like a bread/cake mix, and served hot without asking me. Cookies, small, weird, flavorless, and my kids tried once and turned them down for the future. Savory filled croissants -- extremely gross, very strange flavors that tasted like something odd out of a cheap frozen food case at the grocery store. Little breads -- dry, flavorless, completely uninviting. I agree with a previous poster -- who wants hot pastries on a hot day anyway?

I'm looking for other places to get a reliable treat along with good coffee. Very sad. My understanding is that Starbucks invested $100 million in this disaster and are pulling a corporate response of, "Sorry you feel that way, but it's staying."

Kind of sad to realize there won't be any Cranberry Bliss bars for Christmas. *pout* (I found some knock off recipes I tried before, maybe some of us can find old Starbucks faves at similar sites and make them ourselves from time to time.)

Bob Burnett

I really can't believe that Starbucks thought that this new bakery was a good idea. The pastries are terrible and now they have to hire more people to warm them up. I used to buy their scones all the time, But now I just go to the supermarket and buy my scones separately and they're cheaper that way too. And then there are those little PINK bags! Guess I just need to find another coffee store that really wants my business.

Susan bradstreet

I am so glad to find everyone here agreeing with my sentiments about the new pastries. The are HORRIBLE!!
Please bring the old ones back.


The new pastries came into all the Portland stores this spring/summer and I don’t like them at all, small and unremarkable flavor; certainly not worth the wait. Who thought warming all these bakery items would in any way make a good business model? All the Starbucks are packed and slower now, especially mornings and weekends. I’ve switched to a mom and pop coffee stop for my daily morning java; they don’t have pastries, which I guess is better for me anyway. If I do go into a Starbuck these days it’s strictly for coffee. I talked about this with one of my regular Starbuck baristas and she said Starbucks bought this pastry company, so it likely won’t change and she suggested complaining to the “head office”, she wasn’t sure how to do that, nor am I. Really sad to see one of my favorite coffee places slowly changing into a focus group driven brainless corporate entity.


The only thing I've purchased more than once from the new collection is the Lemon Cake Bar. It's good but I found when it's heated and placed in a bag to go, it sticks to the bag and crumbles easily by the time I reach my destination. I now request it unheated. Most recently, I bought the Summer Berry Croissant. They heated it, and when they handed it to me. the smell was awful! It smelled like it was laden with lard, or some other kind of animal fat. Definitely not butter!I could not bring myself to eat it. I was going to throw it in the trash, but a hungry co-worker was kind enough to take it off my hands. I won't be buying more.


You're right, the giant pink signs, magnets, and brochures plastered with "SERVED WARM" can be pretty ambiguous. And if you don't want it that way, just ask nicely and drop whatever sense of entitlement is preventing you from aknowledging this is a two-way transaction. I'll sing you and song and tell you a story about your room-temperature pastry if you really want.

Cripes, if Panera started serving their industrially -produced frozen fodder warm, people would be flocking by the masses.


These rolled out in Chicago this morning... I had gone for breakfast but left with just coffee because they all looked so small and sad. If I want a healthy portion I'll eat at home, and not pay $3 for a tiny serving that's still twice the calories compared to what I would usually eat.


Following up to my previous comment, I checked the nutrition info and the new offerings are only about 50-100 calories lower than the old versions on average, but MUCH smaller. Don't know who this appeals to.


I got a free scone today since LB is new to Chicago. I can't really complain since it was free - but I won't buy any of the pastries. I'd like my crackbread (pumpkin bread) back please.


I have tried a number of the La Boulange pastries. They are all flavorless. They also cost more than the Starbucks pastries or they are smaller. I have been to La Boulange in SF and these are inferior to what is sold there. Someone should lose their job over this decision! I have to go elsewhere now to get a morning pastry.


Outside of the croissant, which is better than the prior version, I'm not liking any of the other La Boulange offerings at Starbucks. I'm not sure what Starbucks was thinking when they changed everything so drastically, not considering their prior pastries were far better tasting and had a regular following. The new items are simply not worth buying.

Starbucks had a good idea with making new pastries available, but they executed it poorly. They should have introduced a few at a time and made them seasonably available, instead of replacing everything.

Marilyn Lukitsh

I got the chocolate chip cookie. They heated it. It was as hard as a rock and 1/3 the size of former cookie.
I will buy my pastries elsewhere,such as Panera or Corner Bakery.
I am definitely boycotting those horrible pastries,,,,,


The cheese Danish was my absolute favorite pastry cheat. Thank you Starbuck for refomulating the Danish, they are tasteless and I will not be eating them anymore. Bad for Starbucks good for my willpower :)


Blueberry scone just so so. Yesterday, the Starbucks near me was offering samples of the ham and cheese croissant. The enthusiastic teenage employee said "These are sooo good! They taste just like a Hot Pocket!". Umm, no thanks.

Lori Carroll

Big mistake Starbucks....La Boulange stinks! First of all the pastries are small for the cost, not much variety and what is offer is horrible. Dry, not very attractive in the pastry case just laying on pink paper...wow look at how attractive the old products looked on the white clean trays...especially at different heights, it was very well done. Who wants to eat a mini loaf very hard to bite into.. when the old pasteries breads were served in slices. And then to wait to have your pastry warmed when there is a line a half block long??? Not a good idea. The pastry's are not good at all have a sugar after taste not good. Why is everything a croissant? And a dry croissant. Big mistake you lost my pastry business.

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