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April 07, 2013


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Yep. I was a closing shift for nearly 5 years and watched my nightly duties grow, as well as the daily expectations of me, grow while my paycheck stayed the same. To make matters worse, they continually strung me along saying I'd be promoted to Assistant Store Manager "soon."
Loved the company, but hated my job.


Oh that looks so familiar! And you ahve 30 minutes to get everything done that can't be done till the doors close. A good pre-closer is worth their weight in gold!


Im responding with this image every time anyone asks me what I'm doing on the weekend.


Our manager is now trying to arrange our schedule so that our precloser goes home at least three hours before the store closes leaving two people for the rest of the night with breaks still to run ...


baristanon. that is what we have been doing for months now, if you have good precosers it can be done,,but lazy pre closers really screw over the last 2 left at the end of the night. it is, what it is now. the company has raised expectations, but the benefits are worth a fortune, just ask someone without health insurance. hard as it is, im lucky to have a job. good luck to us all..


I admire closers... they have SO much work to do and most of the timese if they forget/dont have time to do 1-2 meager tasks, the morning crew winds up dumping on them for trivial things.


Thank you for reminding me why I'd never want to work in this industry.


Oh, trust me, I know. I stay at this job while going to school because my partner doesn't have benefits, and it has saved our butts on more than one occasion. I sleep better at night knowing we've got those benefits.

We all like to complain about Sbux, but it's worlds above places like Tim Horton's as far as taking care of its employees; I think that's why we're so critical, we don't want to be complacent and see it become like that.


It just looks like a condensed version of the duty roster.


WHY MUST YOU RE-INVENT THE WHEEL?!?! (Duty Roster--ob, you nailed it on the head)


Less time making "pretty" lists and just follow the Duty Roster, which has all of this on it already...
Aside from the Oven, this entire list can be done in under an hour, maybe even 30 min. So yeah, not much sympathy here.


I always hated closing. I'd rather get up at 3:30 or 4 AM than have to rush to get all that stuff done at close. It really messes with your ability to sleep consistently, way more than working ridiculously early, because you're working hardest late at night when your shift is ending, so it takes at least an hour or two to wind down and get to sleep.


what did you use to make this? looks like maybe a dry erase board? i'm still new to being a shift so sometimes I forget things, and sometimes I end up with lazy closers. we used to make lists at my previous store all the time, but I think having a permanent one at my current store would help. especially on nights i'm not there

Broyling Water

I used to close 3-4 nights a week, and pre-close the other 2 nights I was scheduled(I worked 6 nights a week on average. I remember doing all of this stuff, I didn't need a list to remind me though, but then again, most of it becomes routine if you do it often enough. I do remember one partner who couldn't remember all of the stuff, so we made index cards to help her. I left the company 3 years ago, but the last time I went in to visit(A couple of weeks back), she still had those index cards. The sad part is that now, she's added to them.


Pre-closing sucks. I've done it for 2 years. It's a lot of work. I enjoy listening to the morning people whining about how hard their work is. Closers and pre-closers do so much for them. If they worked one day pre-closing I'm sure they'd shut up. We are held accountable to do our work. The openers always have an excuse for not finishing their work.

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