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June 16, 2013


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Jeff Tom

Seems almost hypocritical, given you have large combustion engine machines belching out carbon monoxide and whatnot right outside the window as well.

Just put a sign on the drive thru speaker and be done with it.

Barista Betty

I'm of two minds about this. On one hand, I appreciate that it's the customer's car and they can basically do what they like in their own car. On the other hand, I can't leave the drive thru window open to talk to you when you're smoking because it will get in the store. I wish customers who smoke could wait just 5 more minutes to light up and then this wouldn't be an issue.


In our hometown, a suburb of Vancouver, B.C., the smokers have been allowed to continue smoking outside the store. It would be nice if Starbucks put up 'NO SMOKING' signs! It is actually an even worse environment than before for the non-smokers, as there are no longer any ashtrays on the tables... the cigarette butts and ashes are all over the tables and ground!

Kentucky Hunter

QUOTING - Barista Betty

I can't leave the drive thru window open to talk to you when you're smoking because it will get in the store.


Simple solution - Have a small fan that move air OUT through the window. Can be a small fan set on lower speed to just move small amount of air. Would greatly reduce or eliminate outside smoky air from entering. An inline Foot Activated Switch would allow easy On/Off operation when needed.


We've been told that customers can still smoke in their car since its their property.

Barista Betty

Kentucky Hunter, I think you are greatly overestimating a) the amount of space by our drive thru window, and b) my desire to talk to someone who is blowing cigarette smoke in my face. My stance is, smoke in the drive thru if you must, but don't expect me to be creating any inspired moments while you're doing it.


A fan at the DT is probably not ok with Ecosure.


Off topic, what is a "specialty store"? Anyone? I really want to know.


If a customer doesn't want to put out the cigarette then their only option is to leave. Oh wait. It's a drive-thru. They are leaving anyway. This is a conversation that would be a waste.


This whole new policy is to keep smokers from smoking at tables at the starbucks with outdoor seating. We cannot police the world. What we can do, is try to make our non smoking customers comfortable while they are at our stores. I am smoker and a courteous one at that. But the more you antagonize smokers they more they will lash out at everyone. You either have manners or you don't . Just be respectful towards others. Its that simple


In arizona, (and other states
it is illegal to smoke
within 15 feet of a door/wind
so you should not let tehm.

Fractional Slacker

Baristas like tips. It makes no sense to have them playing father figure to customers.
It makes no sense for management or anyone for that matter to tell others how to live.
This line of retarded thinking will lead to caffeine police of which SBUX might just champion in the name of appeasing the fascistic PC crowd. EOR


Baristas like tips, sure. But they probably enjoy BREATHING even more.

It's not fascist to not wish to be subjected to lung pollution.


Everywhere I've worked that had a drive-thru I haven't had an issue. I work in a bank now, and while it may be a totally different setting, the effects are still the same. Why should I have to run off desperate for my inhaler because someone can't control themselves and wait until they're done to light up?

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