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September 22, 2013


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Di Peterson

Still here in Starbucks Milledgeville GA.Matter of fact we have a book shelf where people bring books and borrow books!


It has not been removed in my store in Maaaachusetts


Most of the newspapers that are thrown in that bin are not purchased.

sarah b

Wouldn't the logical thing be to ask at the store, not on the internet?

It's just a welded piece of metal. It probably got lost or broken. There is no conspiracy to "drive newspaper sales," since Starbucks doesn't really make money off them anyway.


So many cheapskates used to fight over the used newspapers. We threw ours out years ago.


There's a basket at my store, but it's used for local free magazines. People will leave their papers on tables sometimes...I just scavenge them for the crosswords and toss them.


My store just has papers for sale and of course the old guy who comes in, takes them without buying, crumples them up and puts them back. I'm sure he's a tea party type too, has the look.


Jmy9595, and what look would that be? White without tats or piercings?

Look who's judgmental now.


They've been missing from quite a few stores I've visited in the San Diego area :(


Let me say, the honorable people who purchase their papers leave the store with them. The "basket of shame" we have is for the folks who steal the papers , read thru them , don't return, and then feel too guilty to leave with them. Shame on any of you who do not pay for the paper, it is a disgrace to those who do the right thing and pay. Just another example of the self entitled species we have become. We don't make money on them , they are just a convenience for our guests. It frustrates me when people steal them.

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