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September 25, 2013


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Jeff Tom

So does this mean that baristas will now also be "soda jerks"?

I know some that live up to the literal interpretation there.


am sure the drinks are fine, but somehow have the feeling that fizzio isn't going to last that long. Sounds like something that will be infamously discontinued.


I imagine they will also try to sell home Fizzio machines and syrups in order to compete with SodaStream.


Customizable soda ? Gold mine. I can hear it now... "Trenta Spiced Root Beer with extra syrup, 5 pumps of vanilla, and 12 splenda."


Makes me glad I got out when I did.


Tried them while in Austin. From a customer perspective, I can't wait. From a partner perspective? I am dreading it.


the spiced root beer is delicious. I can't wait for them to be available in more markets.

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