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October 08, 2013


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Every year we hear about this...... time to move on.....


Prediction: Next year the name changes to "Fall Spice Latte" or "Autumn Spice Latte"

Just like they had to change "Double Chocolate Chip" Frapp to ChocolatY frapp.....

Miss Mile High

Who cares? If you like the taste of the drink you order it. If you don't...well, you don't have to order it. Simple, no?


Who in their right mind would want a vegetable in their coffee? No one.

Fox in a Hole

As Sheik said, we see this crap every year. It's a pumpkin SPICE latte, not a pumpkin latte. If we let these miserable do-nothings with too much time on their hands win we'll end up with laws that make Starbucks change the drink name to "A Mixture Of Hot Liquids That Will Burn You If It Spills, Is Coloured Orange (With Artificial Dyes That May Cause Cancer), And Contains Spices But No Pumpkin".

Starbucks Gossip webmaster

Expect a class-action suit from some lawyer.

Amazing Grace

I've always called it the cough syrup latte myself...


I'm not surprised at all. It's "pumpkin spice latte", not "pumpkin latte".

I've made pumpkin spice syrups with real pumpkin, and it tastes alright - but it's not the pumpkin taste that you want in your latte, it's the spice. Really, you can just add some pumpkin spice and sugar to your coffee and it tastes great.

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