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September 23, 2012


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baristabot (K model)

I find the extra soy surcharge particularly odd as Starbucks now has its OWN soy (which is more watery than the Silk we used to use) AND we started printing the cartons without any color ink ... and it really costs us an extra 60 cents a drink?


Or, you know, you could make your own soy lattes at home for a fraction of the cost of what it costs to buy at Starbucks.

Coffee Soldier

Well I only drink black coffee so I think I should only have to pay 60 cents for the coffee...this is ridiculous...2 years ago you didn't even get free soy or syrup...you are lucky it lasted this long..Starbucks is a business not a charity.


It's not Starbucks' fault that you have a lactose intolerance either. Get black coffee.

Lactose Intolerant Barista

It is also not starbuck's fault that your body can't tolerate dairy. Take a lactaid pill, get a tea, or go somewhere else where soy is free. Oh wait, it usually isn't free.

Soy still costs more.  That's why!

I'm lactose intolerant and I also have a sensitive stomach. I would really like to go into a restaurant, order a hamburger and tell them to bring me a steak instead because I don't do well with ground beef. As a regular customer, would they say, "sure, no problem?"
I'm also short. Should retailers hem my clothes for me?
I also like to take a lactose pill and ocassionally have blue cheese dressing. But they often want to charge an extra 50cents. Should I expect it for free?


In general - not just at Starbucks - we have become a very self-centered, only-out-for-ourselves, entitlement-minded society. We talk big about charity and giving back but in the end it's just a cover for (or perhaps a way to justify) selfish American greed. So sad.


If all you need is soy as coffee creamer, that's still free. Nothing's changing there.

Every coffeeshop I know of charges for soymilk in lattes. The stuff is not cheap and a soy latte uses a LOT of soymilk.

Starbucks is not a healthcare provider.


Petition my butt. Sign away. It won't do any good. Pay for what you get. No one is discriminating against you.

Soy What if you are Angry

You soy moochers can all get in line behind the "Omy God they changed the Frapuccino and I'm never going back" people.

Here is a comment from a Starbucks spokesperson:

"Starbucks routinely evaluates its service levels and strives to provide the most relevant and the most requested benefits based on customer feedback. We understand that our customers want to receive the highest level of benefits from Starbucks, which includes free drinks and food faster and digital rewards…As we strive to provide the best benefits to the greatest number of customers, we realize there will be some trade-offs."

Soy drinkers, you have been reduced to the status of "trade-off". Petition all you want; it ain't coming back. Do us all a favor pay for what you drink or just go somewhere else to complain.

Thank You,

Actual Coffee Drinkers of America


Bottom line: When the rewards programmed debuted originally all those eons ago, it was too good. Free drink every 15 transactions, free drink on your birthday, free drink with purchase of beans, free syrups, free soy, the occasional coupon in the mail, etc.

Of course, people still complained back then about how it wasn't good enough, but it was so good the company had to reevaluate it and make it more business savvy. It's still a good deal and you'll still get free stuff -- more often and with more options if you count the food items -- and it's more in-line with the kinds of rewards programs done by other coffee shops. Nobody else gave away what Starbucks did, and while it was nice, it's over now because it never made sense economically.

As for this petition, it's going to fail because it's poorly written. The entire introduction is an attack on Starbucks, basically calling them a greedy, heartless corporation. Not the best way to appeal to a company. You want to be friendly, courteous, and make them think you're a valuable customer who enjoys their products, not an angry ingrate who is trying to tear them down in the public eye. So good luck with that.


Is Starbucks supposed to charge for soy in iced coffee?

Because that's what I get, and every time I go to another store I get charged the 60 cents for half an inch of soymilk.

I thought that was what the "with soy" button was for? But even at my store people look at me funny for saying we're not supposed to charge in brewed coffees. :/


even if Starbucks returned free soy, they would charge an extra 20-30 cents on all drinks to make up for the soy.

this is SOY silly!

The Beverage Resource Manual at Starbucks states that customers are charged for "substituting soy, half & half, or heavy cream in milk based beverages" it also states customers should be charged for dairy or soy if they "add more than 4 fluid oz of milk/soy to any water based beverage". That means if you get brewed coffee (hot or iced) your soy is free if you use less than 4 oz. Hope that clears up the confusion!



I don't understand why a company would charge a consumer extra for a more expensive product. The Bastards.

PS Thanks for the Black and White, 'this is SOY, silly'.

this is SOY silly!

Just a Starbucks partner trying to help my customer :)


For the most part I think this will die down after a couple of weeks - Starbucks customers are terrifyingly loyal.

What I DO feel bad for are those select few customers that always say things like "I've been coming here for x years and I don't care if this is a new policy but I'm not paying for extra soy milk" and then go on to make a huge deal out of it.

Actually, the WORST is when the manager ultimately concedes and now every time the customer comes back they give you a snobby look and just expect you to grovel at their feet and give them ~ALL THE SOY MILK IN THE WORLD~.

Robert Straut

Why differenciate the use of soy and cow milk? Will Starbucks now charge extra for cow milk?

Robert Straut

Soy milk does not cost 40-50 cents more per shot than cow's milk. I'd be willing to pay the cost difference between soy and cow's milk. But that's not what's happening.


I frequent Argo Teas in new york. they don't charge for any add-ons, and for somebody like milk, they actually have Soy and Almond milk.


@Robert: Soy is absolutely more expensive than dairy milk. Keep in mind that we're not talking about a little dribble into a cup of coffee -- that's still free. We're talking about something like a Venti Soy Latte. That drink is basically a huge cup of frothed/steamed soymilk -- about 14-15 ounces of soy. So yes, that cost adds up pretty quickly.


This is so hilarious!!! Put on your big boy pants people and suck it up. No one ever said life would be FREE and simple. You always have the option of cutting Starbucks from your "disposable" income budget or go to a coffee shop that gives you free add-ons. Boo-hoo.


We have been getting negative Customer Voice comments because they won't have free soy and syrups soon.


Losing the soy is outrageous. Sorry, but this will severely reduces my visits to Starbucks.

There are several coffee shops near me that offer soy for free.


The whole "if we have to pay, you have to pay for cows milk" is a straw man argument. Is the latte free? Oh it's not? So the cost of the milk is already figured in? Go figure!


I order a double short soy latte that has approximately 4oz of soy milk. At 32 four oz servings per gal and $.60 per drink, Starbucks is charging $19.20 a gal for soy. That is as a substitute for the milk which is part of the original cost. The real value Starbucks is charging for soy is closer to $25 per gal. At my grocer without Starbucks buying power organic soy cost about $6.00 per gal. Not only are they alienating the most loyal customers, they are fleecing us as well.


Annnnnnnnd then we recall that a gallon of soy is also shared with iced coffees, which soy is not charged for. Ultimately, between beverages which have soy as a "critical component" and those which have it as a "condiment" average out. Derp.


I hate to point out the obvious, but here goes: Starbucks is a business. Apart from it evening out, they are out to make money, not give you a free ride. They are not just trying to break even. It's not a soup kitchen.

The Moar You Know

"I don't understand why any coffee shop still charges extra for soy."

It costs more.

"It's more sustainable, and much more environmentally friendly than cow's milk, and isn't that what Starbucks is trying to do? Create a more eco-friendly image?"

Some people...think the world spins around 'em or something. What Starbucks is trying to do is make more money than last quarter. Period. They will never try to do anything else. It's called "shareholder returns", and if you don't know what that is you'd better figure it out.


@Ruddy: You're ordering the smallest possible beverage that uses soy. Not a good barometer at all.

Someone ordering a venti latte's using about two cups of soy, yes? That's 1/8 a gallon of soymilk. Sixty cents to substitute soy, compared to the market price of the stuff, is a very good deal in that case.

Don't assume everyone's being 'fleeced' because you feel you are.


I think we should sign a petition saying FIVEBUCKS oops...starbucks needs to give me a free drink, it is not my fault I was born to a poor family.


I wish people put more outrage into really important problems than taking away the free soy and syrups that I've read on various message boards. And I'm a person who only uses soy and will now pay extra for it! It is not an entitlement - and there is absolutely nothing sold in Starbucks that is a necessity for me to live. Almost every other store charges extra for soy. People complaining how they MUST have soy. No, you do not NEED coffee from anywhere. You choose to drink it. Starbucks gave us the gift of free soy for a while, and now they've changed their minds. Get over it. #firstworldproblems


The hostility expressed in many of the posted comments is frightening. It is disheartening to know that some people are so incapable of seeing another person's point of view that they would stoop to deriding those who are not like themselves. Those of us who are allergic to dairy products are not asking for anything above and beyond what milk drinkers are getting--- in fact, we are asking for LESS. The milk tolerant people are offered THREE free milk/cream choices. The rest of us are asking for only ONE (soy).


Soya costs more then normal milk, that's why you get charged for it.


If somebody gives me something for free I am grateful. I don't expect it all the time, this world has just got to greedy with people that just want more and more all the time. If I don't have money I don't spend money... Coffee in the morning is a luxury if I don't have money I don't spend it I have a coffee at home. With all the rage against Starbucks it's really sad, the company has been given so much away for free and still continually do and instead of a thank u it's give me more .... So sad ... Soya milk costs more money that's why it costs more. It's not rocket science. And I bet half the people moaning are the ones that visit Starbucks once a year.

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